If you’ve have taken your AST 1, and dedicate most of your free time recreating in the backcountry; this is a course for you.

An AST 2 course builds on the foundations of your AST 1, and provides a more advanced decision-making framework for travelling in avalanche terrain. An AST 2 course comprises a minimum of 9.5 hours of classroom instruction with a minimum of three days in the field.

What you will learn in an AST 2:

  • Progressive planning and travel techniques are required to travel safely through various types of terrain
  • Key techniques for using the Danger Rating on a local scale
  • Key techniques for applying the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (ATES) technical model to develop personal, local terrain ratings
  • Proficiently carry out a companion rescue

2020 Dates:

January 4th to January 7th (4 days), February 2nd to February 5th(4 days), February 24th to February 27th (4 days)

Location: Hakuba, Japan