Q) What is the skill level required?

A) Generally those on our trips are advanced skiers with a lot of backcountry experience. As most of our trips are private it does not matter if your group is relatively new to powder skiing. Our qualified guides will ensure you feel comfortable and have an amazing time in the deep Japanese powder.

Q) We Want the best snow, when should we come?

A) Every year the biggest snow falls come on different days. Peak season is late January until the end of February. We regularly have heavy snow falls from mid December until April. Its any ones guess as to when will be best but if you’re unsure please book during peak season.

Q) Which airport should I fly into?

A) It is most suitable that you fly into Tokyo Narita airport before 2:00pm. It is still possible to make it to Hakuba or Myoko if you arrive later than this but if you plan on skiing the next day we recommend arriving before 2:00pm to ensure you get to your hotel at a reasonable hour.

Q) Can I ship my bags to you?

A) Yes, with Black Cat Courier (Takyubin)

The courier system is very cheap and very efficient. It will arrive in Hakuba the next morning. You can choose the time of arrival so please put in the AM!

Once you get through customs, the easiest thing to do is to go to an information desk and ask where the black cat courier is. Please see the link to the map below.


Please send it to the hotel outlined on your itinerary. You can put Goodguides as the sender.

Goodguides Address: GoodGuides, 14920-159 Ochikura, Hakuba, Kitaazumino-Gun, Nagano · Hakuba, Nagano 399-9301 · Japan
Phone: 080 8629 3739

Q) Where do we meet?

A) Our guides will pick you up each morning from your accommodation, regardless of whether we book the accommodation for you or not. Please follow the after booking procedures and you will receive all the information that you need!

Q) What equipment do we need?

A) Every participant on our tours is required to carry a beacon, shovel, probe and backpack. Goodguides will supply this for no charge if you do not have your own.

You will also be required to have ski touring equipment unless you are on a specifically lift accessed tour. Goodguides has a full range of touring and splitboards. Please inquire for more information.

Q) Banking Facilities & Money

A) Yen is the Japanese currency, and the cash form will get you a long way in Japan. For a country that is so developed is some ways, the contradiction in their reliance upon cash is quite surprising. Credit cards are not accepted for many things. Most restaurants rarely accept anything but cash. ATMs that accept international cards (Maestro/Cirrus) available at 7-Eleven stores and post offices only. Our guides can organize this for you but this should be communicated to them at the earliest opportunity possible.